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HealthOne Appointments Module 2011

The Health One appointments screen can be seen in the screenshot below. In this section we will explain the function of each button on the appointments screen and how you can book appointments and configure the screen to meet your needs.

App Screen main


Appointment Screen in detail



Time slot configuration


Configuring the time allocated to appointments


On the appointments screen the time slots are displayed on the left. You can set the duration of these in the appointments option section   App Screen Appointment Options Icon  or in Tools – Options – Appointments  

Appointment Options box Default Time
App Screen calendar

There is a calendar on the right which allows you to choose a date to book appointments.

You can also choose a different month by pressing the little black arrows to the left and right of the month display.

Today’s date is highlighted in red. You can press the today button to bring you back to todays date at any stage.  App Screen Today




View Selector


Selecting appointment screen view

You can choose which view you want to use either by default or you can move between different views as required.

App Screen View selector

Use this selector to choose:



Resource Selector


Configuring the Resource Selector


App Screen resources

The resource selector can be used to add or remove users from the appointments screen – simply press the check box beside the users name to add or remove them from the screen



Within this tab as you can see on the top bar, there are options where you can

  • Reorder the users priority on the appointment screen  App Screen resource user priority  The next screen will be displayed allowing you to drag the users to the top using the mouse or Shift and arrows. The user at the top will be displayed on the left hand side of the appointments screen.
  • Change the order of the date / resource on the top of the appointments screen. App Screen resource change date-resource

The buttons in the image below will allow you save the views you have – for example you could have different views for each day of the week.

App Screen Section 3

Click on the little dropdown arrow App Screen View selector options to allow you to select your view choice.

The Green circular up/down icons  App Screen View selector options green arrow allow you to move between the stored views.

The View Edit button App Screen View selector options edit view allows you save & edit your views. You can also set your default view using this feature





How to search the Appointments slots which have been taken, or which are available

By pressing this button  App Screen Search Icon at the top of the appointment screen you can search for a patients appointments or search for an available appointment

Search Appointments

App Screen - Search patients appointments

Enter the patients name on the text to search box – you can

  • search by date range/time/appointment type/User by pressing the search button.
  • Search for a free period. – Enter the search criteria from date, times, appointment types users, duration and press search. You can then select one of the times returned to book an appointment. (as shown below)

App Screen - Search Free period


From within the Appointments screen you can

  • Display the invoices for the selected patient allowing you to make changes to patient billingApp Screen List of invoices
  • Lists all the appointments for the selected patient  App Screen List all appts
  • Refresh the screen App Screen Refresh icon (Or press F12)

Change appointment status

When you have booked an appointment you can use the above buttons

  • Booked
  • Present
  • In Appointment – this will add the patient to the waiting room.
  • Completed
  • Did not attend
  • Cancelled
  • Too late

App Screen Appointment status







Using the Whiteboard to enter notes to other users

You can enter notes on the whiteboard which can be seen by any user on a shared configuration.

App Screen whiteboard view

Sometimes the Whiteboard is hidden from view.  To re-instate the whiteboard view, 
simply, click on the bar as shown above to reveal the whiteboard view.  Alternatively you can keep it hidden from view.  (User Choice)





Appointment Options


Choosing the options to run in the Appointments Module

Pressing the appointment options button App Screen Appointment Options Iconwill open up the options screen on the appointments module options

App Screen Appointment options2

From here you can choose to:

  • Auto select patients if match criteria – this will allow you to enter a patients name directly into the calendar and if you have a direct match to a patient in your database you will not have to search for a patient – it will be added directly to the calendar.
  • Edit the appointment after creation – this will display the edit appointment screen when you create an appointment allowing you to change the appointment type etc. You can also get the appointment edit screen by right clicking with the mouse on the appointment
  • Set the default time shown in the calendar
  • Show the appointment time
  • Limit the calendar to only show the working hours
  • Display the appointments using the status color instead of icons
  • You also have a number of other display and presence options to choose from which you can select to meet your needs.

From this options screen you can also update the patient details displayed on the patient details panel of the calendar.

App Screen update patient info button

To update the details, drag the fields from the panel on the right to the panel on the left using the mouse

App Screen update info box

press OK to save. This will update the details seen for the selected patient in details panel in the calendar.




Appointment Configurations


Configuring the Appointments Module

To configure the appointments you can press the following button on the calendar App Screen Configure button

The following screen will then be displayed

App Screen configuration box

From this screen you can configure your :

  • Appointment types – add, edit delete appointment types
  • Setup working hours, time blocks and appointment types for users & availability of rooms

To add an appointment type press the button.  App Screen configuration box add button  The following screen will be displayed

App Screen configuration box appt type


Enter in a Title for your new appointment type, a default duration and a display colour and indicate if the user will be free or not for this appointment (e.g. if it is a clinic when they will see people) – Press OK to save.
You can edit the appointment types by pressing App Screen configuration box edit buttonand delete an appointment type by pressing App Screen configuration box delete button .





Time Blocks


Creating / Editing Time Blocks

Time blocks are blocks which are used repeatedly, for example, there may be occasions when the GP is regularly at another clinic, meeting, etc.

To add time blocks press the users tab (see below) – select the time slots your require the block for and right click on the mouse.

App Screen Configure appointment module


App Screen Time slot details


The following screen will be displayed.

Select the day of the week , then the start time and end time. Enter the appointment type of the time block – e.g. Lunch. You can then set when the time block will occur, by choosing the days or selecting first week of month, last week of month, Odd weeks, Even weeks.

Then press OK to save.







To Book an appointment


How to Make Appointments


App Screen main

  • Select the times slot you require.
  • You can then either type the patients name directly into the slot if a patient matches an appointment will be booked for them. If not the patient search screen will be displayed allowing you to search for your patient. Press enter / ok to book the appointment
  • If you have the edit after creation option selected in the appointment options, the following screen will be displayed otherwise the appointment will be added to the calendar. (you can then select the appointment and right click to see the edit screen.

App Screen edit appt2

Using the edit appointment screen you can set the type of appointment, the resource the appointment is scheduled with, enter a to do status avatar to allow a user to easily see what a patient is coming in for and enter any comments on the appointment.

Pressing F3 when you have an appointment selected will also allow you to add appointment comments.

App Screen edit comments



Opening a patients chart – from within Appointments Module


How to open patients charts directly from the Appointments Module

To open a patients chart from the calendar you can press the enter button on a selected patient in the calendar, or double click on a patient in the calendar using the mouse.  Right Click appointment options
If you select an appointment in the calendar and right click you can access the following options

App Screen Open patient

  • Open Patient
  • Edit the patient
  • Edit / set a reoccurrence
  • Insert a new appointment into the same slot.
  • Add a comment (or press F3)
  • Enter a to do status icon
  • Cut, copy, paste & delete an appointment
  • Print the appointment
  • Show all the appointments for the currently selected patient
  • Show the history for the appointment
  • Send a text message if you have enabled the text feature
  • Display the prescription module for the patient to issue repeats.
  • Open the billing module for the patient to see their invoices



Appointments Alert


Appointment Alert

A new item administrative item called ‘appointment alert’ has been added, it can be used and saved to the patients
chart and this will then cause an alert to appear when you go to book an appointment.

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