UpgradesVersion 7.0




Below is a list of features/bugs that have been dealt with in this version



  • Billing –new module
  • New printing system (+different location)
    All document templates, reports and labels now assigned a paper size (format) rather than a printer. Printer
    is defined in menu file/print setup to a paper format
  • Printing of trends and cube analysis now easy
  • Appointments
    Search for first available slot
    Time blocks can be recurring
  • Dictionaries
    Hide an item
    Define a synonym for an item
  • Interactive views and Note bene
    New interactive view like the old Note Bene but you can enter data directly from the view
    Quick view from the selector. Simply hit F3 from the selector
    Conditional interactive views. COPD/diabetes only pop up for relevant patients
  • Mediforms
    CHAD2 score for Atrial Fib http://www.mdcalc.com/chads2
    Wells Criteria for DVT
    Wells Criteria for pulmonary embolism
  • Cancer referrals
    Available for Lung, Breast and prostate
    Check tools/options/cancer referrals – Requires names and passwords from health link
  • Drug Module
    Repeats can be prescribed as generic
    Note: Ctrl_N to directly prescribe instead of Alt_P
  • Shift Ctrl_H
    Extra options to filter the search
  • Query Plus -Can now use ICPC codes to query
    Query Plus Data extraction configuration
  • Merging HCrs
    Now merges the admin transaction also. Items in green will be kept
  • Template –create HCR anal wizard
  • Tools menu
    Duplicate patients – tools => duplicates – searches for duplicate HCRs.
    These HCRs can then be merged
    Check GMS number on line
  • Audit trail
    New button in patient file medical side to display who did what and when with this HCR

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