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HealthOne User Group Committee

(Elected AGM 2017)

The HIUG group meet on a regular basis. These meetings are generally organised by the HIUG Committee. Once any updates have occurred with the program, it is vital that the end-user is made aware of these changes, and given the opportunity to learn how to implement those changes to improve their own skill.

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The committee members endeavour to ensure the users are informed and taught how to implement any changes to the program. If you would like to attend one of these Workshops, you can check the calendar to see when the next planned workshop will be.

The committee makes it a priority that the users of HealthOne are made aware of changes and upgrades. The committee also are constantly listening to the users to ensure the program continues to develop according to their needs.

The HIUG committee members are elected each year at the HIUG AGM. These members have either held previous positions within the committee, or they have been recommended by other users to sit on the committee. This is usually in recognition of their personal/professional attributes which would enhance the HIUG group.

The committee members who sit on the committee can only be 'fully' paying users of HealthOne. But, as previously mentioned, some members on the current committee, have been elected onto the committee. They include Practice staff, other than GP's, and their inclusion to the committee is seen as a way of including ALL practice staff in the development and requirement of ALL staff.


Elected Committee

Dr Conor O'Shea (Chairman)


Dr Conor O'Shea was elected as the HIUG Chairman at the 2017 AGM.

He continues to strongly advocate the use of Healthone in general practice, and encourage ALL members of staff to be instrumental in its development.

Along with his skills as a GP he has a very keen interest in computerisation and its merits within the Healthcare setting.  He is also very involved with GPIT Ireland 

Read here his testimonial about HealthOne





Nurse Olga Levis (Secretary)

Nurse Olga Levis was elected as the secretary to HIUG in 2017 taking over from Dr Conor OShea who moved into Chairman position.

She has been a HealthOne user since 2003 and almost immediately displayed a big interest in the abilities of HealthOne and its merits in General Practice.

She was introduced by Dr Michael Joyce to the HIUG and was invited to join the committee which was exclusively GP only.  The HIUG were quick to realise that ALL staff members had a huge input into the success of the program, and were very happy to involve Olga in the HIUG Committee.

Since her appointment, she has helped to develop the program with her widely recognised Mediform creations, particularly nurse-led procedures such as Blood taking, Cervical screening and many other Mediforms.

To contact the secretary of HealthOne, please click here

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Dr Linda King (HIUG Treasurer)

Linda King


Dr Linda King has been using HealthOne since it was introduced, and has played a very prominent role in its use within general practice.

Although Linda is now retired from general practice, she continues to passionately promote Healthone as a vital practice software program.

She has held the purse strings of the HIUG now for a long time, and we just can’t let her fully retire.



Dr Rory O’Driscoll’ (Chief Technical Advisor)



Dr O'Driscoll is without doubt, the man with all the answers. His knowledge of the Healthone program is endless, and he has been developing the program with the program writers for a long time. He listens to the needs of the users, and with his connections, he can do his utmost to ensure these needs are met.

Obviously his task is unenviable. He must consider which changes are vital, and which changes simply reflect the 'personal desires of the user'.

However, his ability of prioritising those changes are a testament of his deep knowledge of the Irish Healthcare system, and the ability of HealthOne to fulfil those requirements.

His teaching sessions are brilliant and as a user you really should try and attend the HIUG Workshops

Dr Eamon Shanahan

Dr E Shanahan


Dr Shanahan is an avid supporter of HealthOne  He has been chairman of HIUG for 10 years from 2007 to 2017 giving so much time and effort to the HIUG and HealthOne.

He remains dedicated to the progression of Healthone into the future and passionate about its evolution.

He continues to work relentlessly for the improvement of IT in general practice, so that the GP can deliver the highest standard of care.

Read here his testimonial regarding the HealthOne program




Dr Michael Joyce



Dr Joyce has used HealthOne and been part of the HIUG very early on in his career as a GP.

He currently runs and moderates the HIUG list where GPs can engage with each other and ask/comment on threads.

He is an avid user of the program, and promotes it at every opportunity.  He also is one of the training officers and regularly used at training meetings




Dr Jack McCarthy

Dr Frank Hill

Dr Michael Cleary

Dr Michael Coleman

Dr Bernardine Rochford

Dr Michael Maguire

Dr Coleman Byrne

Dr Brian ODonovan

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