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Dr Ray O’Connor UCL – Update April 2020

I am delighted to tell you that the first study of the effects of the Cycle of Care on the management of diabetes in Ireland has just been published.

The study was based on 41 Health One practices. The data was collected 2 years ago in 2018.

It shows quite clearly how well GPs in Ireland are managing chronic disease once they are resourced to do so.

Thanks a million to the 41 participating practices who sent on their data.

This is the link to the study:


The user group carried out an automated audit of diabetes care in 23 practices covering 1901 patients in 2008/2009.  The data extraction and export takes only 10-15 minutes for the practice and practices were then provided with individualised feedback on how their diabetic care compared with their HIUG colleagues and with three other primary care diabetes groups in Ireland and the UK.


The results show that

  • Data can be collected using an automated system and is of a quality comparable to manual data searches.  This is a testament to the GPs, the Users Group and the ability of the Health One program to record data in a structured way
  • Diabetes outcomes in the HIUG group of practices compare very well with other primary care diabetes audits.
  • Inter-practice variation is a marked feature of the audit and we have completed questionnaires from all 23 practices which should help define the factors which lead to best clinical care


We have made huge improvements to the Mediform for Diabetes (version 15) and this is currently available on your system.

We hope to make participation in the audit available to all interested GPs in the future.


Dr Frank Hill.


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Dr Frank Hill

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