What is the Vaccine Effectiveness Study

The Vaccine Effectiveness Study (VE) commenced in 2009 in collaberation with the HPSC, the ICGP and the NVRL.

Having vaccine effectiveness estimates as soon as possible and monitoring the effectiveness along the course of the influenza outbreak is essential to:

  • Decide on recommendations for the use of the vaccine
  • Target complementary or alternative public health measures (e.g. antivirals) for population subgroups in whom vaccine is less effective
  • Allow for precise estimates of the impact of the current vaccination strategies on the burden of disease to support vaccination campaigns
  • Trigger further investigation on vaccines (improve composition, use of adjuvants, need for booster doses)
  • Better manage and respond to expected reports of vaccine failures
  • Counterbalance the reports of adverse events following immunisation by providing elements for an adequate risk management and cost effectiveness analysis.

Further information on the study can be found here

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