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A new website has been launched by the HSE and is available to patients.  It aims to advise patients of simple measures to manage their symptoms at home, and at what point they need to consider seeking further advice.


It is a great online resource and should be recommended to your patients.


Research has shown that a lot of people still believe that antibiotics can help to treat common illnesses, like colds, flu, earaches, tummy bugs and rashes. In fact antibiotics are useless against most of these infections, which are caused by viruses, and antibiotics don’t work on viruses. Learning how to manage common illnesses with confidence and common sense is a great life skill and improves our understanding of when we need antibiotics and when we don’t.  It’s something that we learn from our parents, friends, doctors, from our own experience and, more and more, from the internet.


Under the Weather has been developed in response to this, to support the public in accessing trusted and reliable health information, developed by the HSE with expert knowledge and advice from GPs and pharmacists.

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