Training Workshops

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Training workshops

One of the biggest strengths of HealthOne program is its continuous training program.

This ensures all users are constantly updated with the programs features.  This also provides a structured training program for all levels.

Generally the Training Workshops work on the principle of providing training to

  • Beginners – For those users who are new to HealthOne, whether they have just started using the program in their practice, or for new users who have joined a practice who already has HealthOne installed.
  • Intermediate – For those users who have a limited knowledge of the program and wish to increase their knowledgebase in order that their use of HealthOne is optimised.
  • Advanced – For those users who would consider themselves extremely knowledgable regarding HealthOne, and who wish to learn about the more technical abilities and functions of the program.

The HIUG who organise these workshops endevour to bring Training workshops nationwide, with the members organising these events.

For more information on scheduled Training Workshops click here

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