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I have been using HealthOne since I started practice nursing in 2003. I moved from UK where I worked in A&E and was very much a practice nurse rookie.

My role as practice nurse was very important, but equally important was the ability to document care and assess care. Of equal importance was the ability to evaluate care. The Analysis tool within HealthOne is one of the most powerful aspects of the program which when used correctly can identify and analyse so much data.

With HealthOne, once I became familiar with the program, I found it was so easy to adapt the program to suit my needs. As I was employed when practice nursing was considered a very new role within general practice, there was no clear guidance how this role was to evolve.

With HealthOne as a vital tool, I was able to create my own protocols and create a way for all members of the team to collate information that I considered important to my role. A great example of this was the introduction of Mediforms into HealthOne in version 6. I found that I was able to create, with some technological effort a very powerful tool within our practice, to collect data and implement consistent care to our patients.

For me I have seen many GP Healthcare programs come and go, but to my delight, HealthOne IS and remains one of the best there is in terms of adaptability. The HIUG is definitely the driving force behind its success, and I sincerely hope it remains a prominent computer program for years to come within the Primary Healthcare System in Ireland.

Olga Levis (Practice Nurse) Centric Health Blessington

Olga Levis – Nursing

When asked to write this I was overwhelmed as genuinely did not know where to begin or end, as there is so much to be said about Health One, and I could go on for pages, of how brilliant and simplistic Health One is.

So, like everything, when you do not know how to commence, one should go to the manual.

To put Health One in perspective, I would have evolved with the Health One manual, originated with a minuscule Health One manual and now increased to a gargantuan Health One manual. The Health One manual will be a better testament to Health One, more than I can put in words how amazing Health One has become.

Health One, for myself, as an Admin user, can only be described with one word, phenomenal.

A powerful programme, that can do so much, as in most things in life, it is what you put in, that you get out of it, you reap what you sow.

Within a few minutes, with a few strokes of the keyboard, one could book an appointment, check medical card eligibility or tab into billing, print a prescription, print a label, create a letter/referral or scan a letter, what more could we possibly wish for? No stepping away from the desk to reach for the appointment calendar book, no phoning HSE to check medical card eligibility, no paper record ledgers for payments, no illegible writing on forms and no form chasing.

The efficiency of Health One is often overlooked and taken for granted. As Health One has done so much for us already, we are always striving to request more. We eagerly await what the future holds with updated Health One version updates.


Sheila OSullivan       Practice Manager Farranfore Medical Centre            12/12/2014

Sheila OSullivan (Administration)

You are welcome to Health One, a powerful, standards based, user configurable practice management system.

Health One has a long pedigree of innovation and continues to be at the forefront of new features. We have an active development team which responds actively to suggestions made by the Health One user group.

The Health One user group is unique in that it meets regularly for education and feedback sessions and has a lively on-line user forum.


Health One is powerful, but can run on modest hardware. It is scalable; it can be run as a standalone application on a laptop, or the database can run on a server and provide data to many PC’s on a network. In either environment, it is very stable.

Health One is one of the long running practice management systems on the Irish market; it has been rigorously assessed by the GP IT committee of the HSE and continues to meet the evolving standards required.  One of the great strengths of Health One is that it is virtually endlessly user configurable. However there are standard set ups which will suit all users. There is excellent technical support, which is substantially augmented by the user group.

Health One has been at the forefront of such developments as the electronic labs projects, electronic delivery of co-op reports and is working closely with the National Cancer Control Program to support the two way delivery of requests for appointments and confirmations on line. A particular feature of Health One is the use of not only standard terms, but its ability to link into coding systems such as ICPC, ICD and others.

Health One allows for audit; the end user can determine what data they need to find on very highly stratified demographic data (e.g. how many men over 50 in the practice smoke, have hypertension and hyper-lipidaemia). With the need from 1st May 2011 for every doctor in the country to carry out regular audit of their practice,

Health One will allow you to answer the “what if” questions in minutes.

With chronic disease management about to become the norm, such things as identification of patients with chronic illnesses, the call and recall of these patients, text reminders for appointments, the use of standard templates of care and the facility to easily generate reports of these activities make Health One ideally suited for the years to come.


Dr Eamonn Shanahan GP – Farranfore Medical Centre Kerry

Dr Eamonn Shanahan

The HealthOne User Group (HIUG)

HIUG – The HealthOne user group is one of the main reasons that HealthOne is an outstanding product. Like the software itself, HIUG is flexible in providing a variety of ways in which HealthOne users can maximise the potential of their computers.

 HIUG holds regular training and information meetings in different parts of the countries. Details of meetings can be found on this website, and will be e-mailed to users by the Secretary. HIUG training meetings are free to users and are open to all members of practice staff.

HIUG hold an Annual General Meeting which showcases new and forthcoming features of HealthOne as well as reviews and training of more established features. It is also an excellent opportunity to meet up with friends and colleagues for some “craic agus ceol”!

HIUG has a lively online user forum. This allows any user to ask questions (and get answers!) on all matters relating to HealthOne. “Threads” of current and previous discussion points can be found on this website, however to keep right up to date, you can opt to receive regular e-mail postings by subscribing to the HIUGlist.

If you do not receive these e-mails but wish to do so, please contact our Moderator

HIUG allows users not just to learn about HealthOne but also to contribute to its development. Unlike other software, HealthOne users don’t have to wait for a new version release, but benefit from continuous small improvements through our “Live Update”. Many of these changes are in direct response to the suggestions, requests and needs of users.

HealthOne is designed by users for users

HIUG is your forum. The committee are always open to suggestions about how we can improve

HealthOne and your experience of it. Training meetings and the forum are there for you to express your views and ideas.


Dr Conor O’Shea GPWheaton Hall Medical Centre

Dr Conor OShea

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