Who we are

A team that loves to create

The Healthone Ireland User-group (HIUG) is an extremely active usergroup, which has been in activity since HealthOne software was introduced to Ireland in the late 80's

The group are committed to the HealthOne software and have been focused and driven to bring the software to where it is today.  The future of the program remains strong and exciting.

HealthOne is an Electronic Patient Record and Practice management System.

HealthOne is used by the majority of Irish GP's, as well as EU GP's The HIUG is a cooperative of all the GP's who use the system in Ireland. The HIUG is one of the most PROACTIVE user-group of any practice management system in the world

If you have not used HealthOne and wish to consider it as a program, this website will demonstrate its functionality, its power and its flexibility.

If you still wish to enquire further about this program, you need to contact Clanwilliam Health to arrange a demonstration.

The HealthOne Patient Record Management System provides

What we do

Program design, training & support

HealthOne User Group is a group of General Practitioners who have an expressed interest in IT within general practice.  It was formed following a recognised united interest among its members in the HealthOne program.

It oversees many changes with regards to the program functionality, and is dedicated and pro-active in the evolution of this widely used Practice software program.

The overall objectives of the Group are to ensure that users of all capabilities get the most out of the program to enhance record keeping within General Practice.

The HealthOne Programme is extremely versatile and has been used by many GP's to complete projects such as Auditing and Surveillance to name but a few

The CME (Continuous Medical Education)/ CAS (Competence Assurance System) which GP's are now required to do is much more straightforward if a software program within practice is designed to extract Audit Material with ease. HealthOne does exactly that.

As changes occur within the Health Service, HealthOne is a program which evolves well to these changes, and often could be considered one of the leading programs.  With a very strong, and driven User-group, the program adapts well.
2015 has seen huge changes in Healthcare in Ireland with the emphasis being on 'Cycles of Care' for Type 2 Diabetes and Asthma. to name but a few.  HealthOne members have already been in talks between the program developers, the HSE and the PCRS to ensure Data can be transferred with ease, and avoid the need for double entry.