UpgradesVersion 8.0


Today we have released the latest version of Health one to all sites via the Liveupdate.

The version number is

This will be downloaded automatically to you PCs over the coming days. If you want to update more quickly then click Helpè webupdate

Please ensure that all the PCs in you practice are updated.

It is especially important that the PC used to download the lab results is updated

It is also important to use the Lab download definition called “Healthlink webservice”. Otherwise you won’t get back acknowledgements for the sick certs and CDM stuff.

Clanwilliam support is current very stretched since the Covid pandemic hit us. Please be patient.

We will continue with our training sessions on line over the coming weeks and I will send out details of this.

There are several PDF documents and several videos available on YouTube that cover everything. Click on the Query sign in Health one or hit the F1 key to see the documents and videos.

The big things for the version are as follows.

Chronic Disease Management (CDM)     17min-09

Health-mail Prescribing                            

Sick Cert Submissions                                    

Sick Cert Submissions (Addendum)

Covid Consult Overview                   

COVID Consult – Configuration            

STC Made easier                 

COVID-19 Testing using H-link