How can I restrict access to files for confidentiality purposes

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There are times when as clinicians we need to protect files from being visible to other members of staff.  This may be because The patient is known to other members of staff The patient has asked to keep details of consultation ‘Private & Confidential’ The content of the consultation could be considered ‘Sensitive’ information. Whatever […]

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New Childhood Vaccination schedule 2015

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We would like to remind all users that the new Childhood schedule 2015 is now being implemented.   Therefore all babies born after 1st July 2015 will be vaccinated according to the new schedule. Customising your HealthOne with this change is very easy.  Follow the steps below.  Or alternatively have a look at the video below […]

How can I view all the HealthOne videos

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All the HealthOne videos are available by either   Using F1 when in HealthOne program Click here to view on our website View entire library in YouTube   These videos are produced by the usergroup and retain a copyright of each video.  Any attempts to re-distribrute or copy the video content are prohibited unless expressed […]


Prescribing by disease sets

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  Setting up Prescribing by Disease Sets is a video which has been issued by Dr Niall Maguire in response to requests made by users during a recent Workshop day.     Setting-up-Prescribing-by-Disease-Sets