UpgradesVersion 7.0


updateHistory of recent releases
· Version was released on the 14/04/2011 – New billing released
· Version was released 22/04/2011
· Version was released on the 16/05/2010
· Version was released on the 26/06/2011
· Version was released on the 27/09/2011


Version 23/01/2012


  • GMS validation for all patients.  See under tools è GMS/Duplicate manager.  See document GMS_Validation.doc”


  • Billing – · Can now convert single HCR from old billing view in billing tab (F8 to see old bills)
  • Billing conversion problem if large number of bills to be converted (eg 70,000).
  • Use HoHCREdit tool.exe to “undo billing” – using hdmp expert. Don’t undo but use the option (See separate document “BillingConversion_Fix .docx”)
  • Billing Queries: Quotes [“] as invoice amount in Third party bills – Solved if user has SQL 2005 or higher
  • Billing Balance displays correctly in Queries based on option to exclude 3rd party amounts
  • Billing – Add invoice to lock file if transaction locked = done
    • Doctor adds an invoice, Billing autosaves the transaction, the doctor edits the transaction again to complete the medical part
    • Patient goes to the secretary to pay the invoice.
    • the secretary goes in the billing tab (from patient selector (Shift+F9), Rdv or from the patient file (billing tab) and uses the payment dialog to record the payment
    • no lock but the secretary gets a message : “Modifications saved in a temporary file…” (the balance is not yet correct)
    • when the doctor saves the transaction, the payment is added as a new version of the transaction to the medical part.  => no lock and data recorded. (balance is now correct)

External Devices

  • Cardioview 5 – Health one now integrates the Biolog ECG using the new cardioview software
    • Install Cardioview5
    • Open configuration tool è file/open/external devices (Ctrl_Alt_E)
    • Click on tools è import configuration file
    • Browse to Honewin\temp and double click the file “Spiro_Cardio5.xml”
  • WinSpiro software version 4.2. Updated software from “MIR” spirometer device.
    • Health one now integrates the spirometry data for this software with better spirometry data management

Cancer referrals

  • Interface has been improved

National referral form

  • General referral can be used as a stand-alone general referral. To enable this go to Tools/Options/Healthlink referrals/ and tick “work off line”

National Referral template

This is a normal Health one template that can also be used as a new quicklet and has been agreed with the GPIT as a National Template

Note: you cna use either the referral form or the template; they are both designed to be suitable standard general referral letters

Query Plus

  • GMS number – can now refine the search directly to GMS patients only/PP only
  • Can now search for list of patients whose last value is eg cholesterol > 7. (SQL 2005+ only)
  • Extraction – better layout and fix some bugs


several new mediforms

  • Child weight study – 3 mediforms relate to this
  • BloodPressure form which adds a comment to the readings


  • User Db – Importing an HCU to a profile that doesn’t exist – now allowed

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