Health one version


We have uploaded the latest version of Health one to the liveupdate server for all sites. Please check your versions and update if needed on all PCs.


The previous release was version 8.0.0 2011 in March 2016


The current release is a small release with some minor changes as below

Version  07/08/2016


  1. August 2016 drug database updated
  2. COC –new Health one analyses to find patient who have had first Diabetes visit, second Diabetes visit

COC – Type 1 diabetics gave alert due to item “diabetes date of diagnosis” – fixed

  1. Vaccine schedule 2016 now included – Not to be used until October 1st 2016

See video https://youtu.be/n85LQ1Fq2kg or press F1 in Health one and look for “vaccine schedule 2016”

  1. PCRS portal link was changed by the PCRS – now H1 updated to take care of this (Cycle of care reg etc)
  2. Data Extraction
  1. Decimal point V comma fixed (problem with windows settings)
  2. Problem with patient ID – had to use “all values” otherwise nothing worked – fixed
  1. DXM – new database version 110 with 8.5 tables but these not used yet used
  2. Duplicate manager – old values cleared now every time you run the tool
  3. Electronic referrals archived doc was added to prescription aggregate if present – fixed


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