Drug Database upgradesUpgradesVersion 7.0




Changes to program


Drug Module

  • New drug database from now on provided by Helix and not the IPU
  • Changed the drug file selectors to Drug List (Brand) and Drug List (Generic)
  • eScript – enabled in Health one for Pilot sites
  • Stopped drug causes print problem if it’s in the repeats with a Repeat by of more than 1
    month –fixed
  • Health Link Lab changes
  • Integrated Referral includes SIUVH for Pigmented lesions
  • Printing of electronic referrals after saving includes lab and x-ray reports(HL7GeneralReferral.xsl)
  • Referral responses – now easier to see in DXM
  • Lab display in Health one improved for x-ray/lab bio/haematology etc.
  • COOP triage now displayed
  • COOP prescriptor changed to the GP owner (primary Care provider) 1655
  • Lab – Abnormal flags have been removed from Priority and Haemolysis. 1655


  • Help
  • HIUG Website now has correct URL
  • 1637 June 2014
  • Healthone works with windows server 2012
  • Previous release details are contained in the Document in your Help folder in Health one (Press F1)

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