How do I create a New Patient File

This can be done directly from the Patient Selector Window or the Appointments Window.

Patient Selector Window

  • Click on File – New – HCR  or (Short-Key Ctl N).  Alternatively you can click on the ‘New‘ icon at the bottom Right hand side of the Patient Selector Screen


Once you have created a New Patient File you are provided with an Administrative Data Box which can be filled out, ensuring all the demographic details of the patient are completed.  You will see on the right hand side of this box, other details which can be filled out including details about their work details, Family details and Vaccination history.  It is advisable if possible to gain as much information about your patient at this time and document it in order to optimize the functionality of HealthOne.

Administrative Data Box


Appointment Screen

A New Patient File can be added on the Appointment Screen.  To add a New Patient

  • Open the Appointment Screen
  • Choose the Appointment block you wish to fill
  • Right-Click on the appropriate Appointment block
  • You will be presented with a dialogue box (see below)
  • Choose ‘Create New Patient
  • You will now be presented with the same Administrative Data box as shown above

New Patient file Appointment Screen

For more comprehensive information See the Appointment section in the HealthOne Manual

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