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Celebrating 25 years


Health One is delighted to announce its forthcoming annual scientific meeting to be held in Killarney on the 14th of November 2015. This year’s meeting celebrates 25 years of Health One serving GP’s in the Irish software market and we are now looking forward to the next 25 years.

Health One continues to be at the leading edge of developments in general practice software and this year we feature some exciting new product developments that have occurred in the last 12 months, and that will be introduced in the near future.  In particular, our keynote workshop will show the easy form of data entry for requirements under the new contract including under 6, asthma and diabetes. The active Health One User Group with its GP Technical Director have been instrumental in demonstrating to the HSE the ability of the software to facilitate data recording and automated data returns for the Cycles of Care. Through this Health One has benefited all GPs nationwide regardless of the software they use, by removing the need for double data entry such as is currently required for flu vaccinations and other STCs.

Health One has a reputation as being the most customisable software for analysis, and this is reflected by the first inaugural Health One Registrar prize for Audit. Four audits showcasing the analytical power of Health One will be presented and the winner of the inaugural award selected at the meeting. This year also saw the launch of the skin surgery audit service, unique in Ireland and one of very few such tools available to GPs internationally. This is another example of the dynamic flexibility of Health One and its ability to respond to the needs of to the user group.

Other new features to be shown at the annual scientific meeting will be the recent pregnancy module which simplifies the recording and administration of maternity care. There will be further presentation on electronic referrals which are going to be rolled out across the country in the next year, as well as new developments in prescribing.

Finally we are also delighted that the meeting will be addressed by Mr. Richard Corbridge, Chief Information Officer of the HSE who will discuss planned developments in eHealth in Ireland.


Health One Scientific Meeting 2015  – “Meeting the Needs of Irish General Practice for another 25 years”

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