We are now in the process of releasing the new version of Health one to all sites.

We will release this version of HEALTH one,, gradually over the coming week. This evening we are sending it to about 60 sites and we will then send it out to more sites over the coming days. We are doing this so as to minimise the number of support calls that we get.

hClanwilliam support is current very stretched since the Covid pandemic hit us. Please be patient.

We will be holding some training sessions on the new version on line over the coming weeks. If you are interested in this then please let us know. We will need your email address and we can cope with 26 individuals at each meeting.

The big things for the version are as follows.

Chronic Disease management

Social Welfare certs 

now easy to send submission electronically

Changes to help with COVID-19

  •       Billing:  – allow to associate a billing item with a company  (covid billing item to company called covid)
  •       Healthmail: – new items can be used in the email template as body of email (Tel mobile + eircode)
    • The above, I realise is not now useful for covid referral but is still usful for general Healthmail referrals.
  •        SW Certs: Several new H1 terms “Covid..” with correct ICD10 codes and easy to issue cert
  •       STC claim: – Link to STC claim + Copy GMS/PPSN to clipboard easily
    • Tools è STC Claim   – Right click on appt         – Right click on an invoice from billing

Supporting Videos.