UpgradesVersion 7.0




We have today released the latest version of Health one ie version This is now available via the
You can access the Liveupdate by clicking “help/ web-update” from within Healthone. It may also be that you are
getting the versions automatically if you have set the option to do so via “Tools / Options / Live update.
Every PC should be updated.
These features will be shown in detail at our forthcoming HIUG training meetings which a re listed below.

Drug module:

  • Patient information – text now only displayed for current patient
  • PRN drugs – Drugs can be flagged as PRN in repeats and not printed by option
  • Controlled drugs can be tagged as “handwritten” and prescription report allows these drugs to be printed to
    the right with space on the left for hand writing. Handwritten drugs will always appear at the end of the
    prescription list in the transaction
  • Dispense specific brand – drugs can be tagged such that the printed prescription contains the text “Do not
  • Prescription reviewed – New button over the repeats list allows the user to record that the repeats have
    been reviewed. New item then entered to the transaction “medication review”. The name of the reviewer is
    also displayed.
  • Date of the first prescription of a repeat is now visible in repeats window
  • Sort repeats now by column
  • Drugs by disease – Can associate a disease to a drug and view in repeats.
  • Any drug can now be linked to a disease either when prescribing (edit window) or directly from the repeats
  • Electronic Referrals –functionality availability controlled by Health Link
  • Electronic General referral now possible for the following Hospitals in the HSE south [CUh –Mallow –
    Mercy]. It is already available in Tallaght
  • If you are interested in participating in this project, please contact Healthlink directly by going to

Mediforms – several bugs addressed

  • Data “creeping” when mediform is re-edited and new information entered – Solved
  • Following Mediforms have been updated and are available via liveUpdate
  • Diabetes Review 17
  • Weight
  • Blood pressure CVS
  • CIPC (Councelling in Primary Care) – new mediform available since version

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